20/50 Vision: Tomorrow’s Habitat

20th May - SATURDAY 24 JUNE 2017
It’s All 2 Much

Andrew Burns Colwill presents a series of paintings and small sculptures that examine the paths we have chosen to take and raise this question: what are the consequences of these choices on our planet, ourselves and our children?

“The show title, 20/50 vision, is a play on the term 20/20 vision and how my life experience has given me a slightly warped perspective of the world.

20/50 vision for me has 2 aspects; firstly a point of view that sometimes makes people a little uncomfortable but offers a wider and alternative perspective to the norm, and secondly my interpretation of how we as a species may be faring socially and economically by the year 2050.”
All works are produced with acrylics, brushes, rollers, rags, fingers etc onto canvas and board with not a spray can in sight.

Several of the originals will also be available as high-quality giclee prints.

Image is a section of “Polar Bear” by Andrew Burns Colwill.


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