Through the eyes of an Ostrich

Andrew Burns Colwill presents a new series of paintings

'An Ostrich has it’s head buried in the sand, worse than that it’s got Ray-Bans on.  This exhibition is about what I see things happening around and people just ignoring it, or not being aware of it, or being aware of it but choosing not to do anything about it but just carrying on with their lives.  This will cause us massive problems if we don’t start looking and understanding the environmental impact we are having for our children and our children’s children.  People have got to start waking up.'

The originals will also be available as high-quality giclee prints.


Meet the artist 

Friday 6 October 2017 from 6pm.  

Andrew will be live painting on Saturday 7 October from midday.  


The exhibition runs till 26 October 2017

The Ropewalk, 6 Nelson Parade, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4JA (closed Mondays).


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